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Alexia de Ville de Goyet

Alexia de Ville de Goyet

Founder of the wallpaper brand Tenue de Ville, in 2018, she realised that the wallpaper industry creates tons of waste and started to recover my production scraps. She is looking for a way to use them in a project that makes sense and is in line with her deep ecological values.


Born from the desire to recycle the waste created for her wallpaper collections, Alexia de Ville started to collect her production scraps and sought a way to reuse them around a project that made sense and met her deep ecological values.

She then started to assemble these strips of wallpaper in the form of weavings. These strips were sometimes tinted with natural pigments or used as such. Working these paper weavings as in textile, patterns appear thanks to the rhythms of weavings and the colors of the strips.

Handmade in Belgium, the result offers unique tapestries, to frame or hang, generally in soft tones and sober design.


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