Belgium is Design is a declaration of passion for design, highlighting the unique characteristics of Belgium’s creative production, a programme to promote Belgian design on the international scene.


The BELGIUM IS DESIGN project promotes Belgian design around the world and is an initiative of 3 institutions: Flanders DC, MAD Brussels and Wallonie-Bruxelles Design Mode.

This joined-up approach has been active since 2011, stimulating and developing initiatives to showcase Belgium’s designers, manufacturers and producers on foreign markets.

Belgium is Design' strategy takes shape through recurring presences at key events, such as the Milan Design Week or the Maison&Objet fair in Paris. It is enriched by occasional participations in other events that allow the designers to approach new markets or that give promising opportunities for the international development of Belgian companies.

Wallonie-Bruxelles Design Mode

WBDM supports design and fashion by opening international doors for companies and designers based in Wallonia and Brussels. Since 2006, WBDM has given its support to these creative industries, mainly achieved through collective stands at international trade fairs, exhibitions, B2B events, and meetings with the press and other international opinion makers. Through these activities and close supervision, WBDM continues to witness the flourishing of business in this sector.

Laure Capitani, Aline Lermusieaux,
Leslie Lombard and Giorgia Morero
+32 (0)2 421 87 01

Flanders DC

Flanders DC supports, promotes and connects Flemish entrepreneurs and companies from the design industry, both at the start, growth and professional expansion of their business. Flanders DC provides advice and guidance, opens doors abroad through international actions, brings recognition with, among others, the Henry van de Velde Awards, and inspires and stimulates collaborations.



Christian Oosterlinck
+32 (0)3 746 09 55 
Stefan Ceunen

MAD Brussels

MAD Brussels stands as the vibrant nucleus of fashion and design in the heart of Belgium's capital. This dynamic center fosters innovation, collaboration, and creativity within the fashion and design industry, serving as a melting pot for emerging talent and established artists. MAD Brussels not only provides an extensive mentoring program to help starters thrive within their domain and expertise, it also offers a platform for designers to showcase their vision, push boundaries on an international level and connect with companies with individual matchmakings. The slogan is, therefore, "We inspire, connect & guide." With its avant-garde spirit and commitment to nurturing talent, MAD Brussels is a significant hub that encapsulates the essence of Brussels' creative pulse.

Baïlo Staumont
+32 (0)4 92 97 93 07