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Achilles Design

With over 30 years of experience and more than 50 design awards, research and design agency Achilles is specialised in sports and lifestyle, as well as a range of products, which need to perform intuitively, stir emotions and support a brand. Achilles helps keep that balance and strive for solutions that function brilliantly, creating a bond and catching the user’s eye.


From a very early design stage, the team combines industrial design expertise with graphic, brand, mechanical, UX – and electronics design – experience. It then takes into account rational specifications of ergonomics, performance, durability and reliability to aesthetics, as well as emotional connections. The right blend of details and finishes results in differentiation and subjective expression, adding personality and identity to selected products.



Full suspension speed pedelec for Aska

Bike sheetmetal, aluminium and 3D-printed nylon


Collection of different bottles and mugs for Kambukka

Body in stainless steel, lid in PP and overmoulded TPE


Handheld tool for personalised breathing exercises. 

Internal hard shell in polycarbonate and soft shell in fluoro-silicone