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ADU_portrait Vadim Popowsky

A.D.U. launches MOON, an elevated design object that functions as a quiet and inspirational presence in our homes.


Accurately syncing with the moon in your location, it always shows the exact phase of the moon. It can't be controlled —there’s no on/off switch. She lights up automatically when the moon rises over the horizon and turns off when the moon sets.
That is the invitation: by letting go of control, you embrace patience and hope. The moon, as a symbol of the universe, operates on its own powerful and complex terms, impervious to our whims. Placed in your home, it's a quiet reminder and invitation for contemplation. In a world obsessed with control, this elegant and revolutionary new design object invites us to ponder the bigger questions and gain a deeper understanding in the moon's dance, the universe, and our place in it. That’s what A.D.U. stands for: A Deeper Understanding.
— Vadim Popowsky, creator of MOON



MOON lights by itself when the moon is above the horizon and, from a growing crescent to a waning gibbous, it indicates the precise moon phase based on our position on earth and the time of day.
Once switched on, there is no switch to change the phase of the moon or to turn it off.