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Alain Monnens is the founder of his award-winning studio for product design, branding and photography.


Based in Belgium, Alain founded the studio in 2006 after working for an industrial design studio in The Netherlands and a number of design companies in Belgium.

His studio is specializing in lighting, furniture, and objects that are minimalist in style with maximum functionality. For Alain, it is not the adding of elements but their integration with the whole form and function which is important. He sees design as the art of reducing and designing for different sectors as a form of cross-pollination.

Moróro stands for Belgian designs inspired by Brazilian architecture in terms of style and choice of materials. This is also made clear by the name, a reference to one of the houses designed by Brazilian architect Marcio Kogan. Moróro refers to a mix of robustness, refinement and warmth. Think of an abundant natural landscape and you are guaranteed a sultry summer. Behind the brand is a couple of Flemish entrepreneurs having international ambitions with very personal designs.



With the new outdoor bench PAULO you can enjoy your garden, terrace or outdoor space in intimate company. True to Moróro’s design DNA, Paulo is both robust and refined: stainless, stable and lightweight thanks to its aluminium manufacturing, but also with an ultra-slim and refined design.

The design comes from Belgian designer Alain Monnens. “We were perfectly on the same wavelength,” says Veerle Lapierre from Moróro. “Paulo is more than just a garden bench. It is also an object and an eye-catcher. Already at the first meeting this became very clear to everyone.”