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Albert&Albert is an Antwerp-based lifestyle studio that is inspired by music.


We create music and other furniture that accentuates and enhances the beauty of music. Our furniture looks just as good in a concert hall, a music studio or your living room.

While Albert&Albert uses contemporary and modern materials, the studio prides itself on classic and authentic workmanship. We prefer to work with local products and suppliers, paying attention to the choice of materials, quality and durability. Our designs are made in Belgium, reducing their ecological footprint to a minimum.

In the long term, Albert&Albert will offer a selection of designs by other designers in addition to its own products.




Albert&Albert founder Harold A. Baltodano previously worked as a jewellery designer in Antwerp’s diamond industry and in Italian fashion merchandising. In addition to being a product designer, he is also a keen guitarist who often spends time with friends who are also musicians. This inspired him to create a ‘lifestyle studio’, specialising in music furniture and other pieces of furniture that are inspired by music. “I wanted to buy a guitar stand but all the ones I found were ordinary. This got me thinking. Music enriches your life, whereas music furniture has an impoverishing effect on your interior because it is strictly functional.”