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Alinea design objects is internationally known for  high end furniture and design objects, typified by distilled and strong shapes with a highly aesthetic look and feel. Timeless furniture and objects, with an implicit invitation to be used creatively, are the main characteristics. Designed with passion, made with skill.


About the designer Leo Aerts: 

Thirty years after his coffee table design for B&B Italia, interior architect Leo Aerts still designs functional objects with a strong clear line and an aesthetic appearance. Thirty years ago, the Meta coffee table became a success for B&B Italia and Leo Aerts decided to pay more attention to furniture design in addition to his interior architecture. His original display cabinet design VISIBILE has been awarded several times with an award and is now regarded as one of the classics among the display cabinets. The work of Leo Aerts is characterised by a timelessly pure design and aesthetic compositions that transcend the functional. The many international awards prove that his work is appreciated. Long before sustainability, cradle to cradle, recycling and the circular economy were involved, all these aspects were already integrated into his design philosophy and designs.

About Alinea Design Objects: 

The Ziggy vase was the start of Alinea Design Objects in 1995, the label with which all Leo Aerts designs are promoted and sold through distributors at home and abroad. Ziggy became a huge success with more than 15,000 units sold! The UFO serving set and champagne cooler/flower vase Zubazuba followed shortly thereafter. You will find the Visibile display cabinets far beyond Europe. This collection is now being expanded with Angelo M, a collection of round and oval tables in various marble types and designs. With this, Leo Aerts once again shows himself as a versatile designer who has mastered his profession to perfection. An interesting extension for the Alinea Design Objects collection.



Design Leo Aerts. 2018 
120 x 120 x 45 cm

Angelo M Collection

Design Leo Aerts. 2018

Dining table
Ø 130-180 x 75 cm

Side table
Ø 70 x 30 cm, Ø 52 x 48 cm, Ø 40 x 62 cm

Cake dish
Ø 32 x 15 cm, 24 x 22.5 cm

Angelo M is the expression of the archetype of a table in natural stone, a combination of design, technology and craftsmanship. Angelo Cake is a scale model of Angelo M, made of one block of marble. The flowing curve gives the cake dish a festive accent.
Inside-out is a jewellery collection in silver 925°°° (to be ordered in 18k gold). A pure design in high gloss polished silver makes this collection a timeless treasure and emphasises its radiance. The shapes fit in with and enhance the body’s anatomy.

©Lieven Herreman