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Ana Maria Gomez - Belgium is Design

©Alexandra Colmenares

amgs is a studio created by Colombian designer Ana María Gómez after finishing a Master in Textile Design at La Cambre, Brussels (2015). 


She makes pieces that go from wearable items to eclectic functional furniture, often as result of collaborations. The core of amgs is to experiment with the visual, tactile and spatial dimension of textiles.

In recent years Ana María has been experimenting in different ways with textile based on an awareness of different cultural and social worlds. She is highly interested in fortunate encounters between different cultures and ways of thinking, specially where textile has been used as language: as a way to communicate. Her aim is to gain knowledge of traditional and contemporary ways of working with textile.



Knotting knitting is an ongoing textile project for kids that is related with the ciempiés product; consists of separated knitted bands that build-up where the imagination takes us. Each separate band can be knotted together to completely change its appearance and feeling. It’s a dynamic and creative piece open to the needs of each person and space.

A boi

Alpaca ; weaving
60 cm x 200 cm

2020 saw the birth of a new product: Knotting Knitting, designed from solid strips, all knitted.
The whole thing forms a rhythmic combination of colours and irregular lines, which can be used for several purposes: sitting, sleeping, reading, lying down or wrapping up. It has been designed to actively adapt to your body. I t has been created to actively adapt to your body and provide a little comfort and warmth.