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"I am passionate about porcelain." 


For 20 years now. I followed drawing and ceramic classes since I was 11. I had two years of practice at potteries in Belgium and France. Since 1998 ptze is an independent business developing exclusive collections of table ware and decoration. The objects/pieces I make are the result of dedicated craftmanship.

I only work with the best natural materials and use raw porcelain clay from Limoges (France) for my ceramic objects because of its transparency, tension and its most definite and uniquely pretentious edge. Each object is turned or formed by hand to achieve the balance between the material and the finished product. As such it gets its my personal signature.

The artistic shape goes beyond functionality. But obviously they must be usable and handy, preferably for many years.




I go for a hand turned approach. I hand turn all objects in my own studio in West Malle. As such I touch all porcelain and give it my personal signature. This way of working needs a long production time, but it results in a unique and personal object. It is part of my passion and love for what I am doing.
Porcelain is a natural product so shrink due to baking can vary from pack to pack. Since everything
is turned by hand without a mold, the dimensions can slightly vary.