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Art Maker is a brand of wooden chandeliers with a light and airy design.




The identity of the brand is characterized by a artisanal approach of manufacturing, natural materials, a design offering a unique play of shades and their dimensions ranging from 50 to 200 cm. Chandeliers or wall pieces are manufactured in a workshop located in Liège, Belgium. The wood species selected by Art Maker are oak, walnut, cherry, ash and beech.

The collection is composed of the asymmetric Florentin chandelier, the round chandelier, the oval chandelier and the wall lamp Double Maxime and the spherical Céline chandelier.
All our woods come from the FSC sector and are of European origin.


Double MaAxime

Design: Yves Dejardin. 2019
Pendant lamp
Beech wood 
Ø 120 cm