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Atelier Belge is Belgian based design Studio/Brand founded in 2014 that puts its main focus on storage design.


Functionality, timelessness, and customisation are the values that propelled Atelier Belge into the creative branch. Our quirky ideas roam from our drawing table to our in-house workshop and back, until we believe they are ready for market. All our work is the result of a close collaboration between designer and our dedicated craftsmen.

We attach great importance to clean and minimal aesthetics. But our articles only find their true and specific character when shaped by YOU as its user, expressing your identity. The endless versatility in function, material and colour offer you a unique way to personalize a room or a home. Piece by piece they provide alluring possibilities to construct an interior the way you like. It is what we call ‘Playful Functionality’.

Atelier Belge’s ethos epitomizes a sustainable style: our products are produced in Belgium within a 50 mile radius of our studio/workshop. Moreover, they respond to meticulous quality standards. Only when necessary, we source materials abroad. In that case we look for long term co-operations with suppliers that ensure their employees well-being, that respect labour-regulations, health and safety and make serious environmental efforts.


Totem Collection

Cabinets & Shelves

A minimalistic and customizabale series of cabinet and shelving units in aluminum. 3 modules, perfectly shaped according to the golden ratio, set up the base for an endless range of possibilities. You can use one of them as an independent piece (on its own) or you can combine them in a big set-up: wall mounted, free standing or on wheels. Horizontal or vertical. With doors, shelves and backs in Woolfelt, wood or wired glass. The outcome of the totem system is completely hand-made by you and only you.

©Oskar Vermeylen