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Atelier Luxus is a company that has stood out for over 25 years by designing custom electrical appliances for high-end interiors. Its unwavering commitment to excellence, the quality of materials, and precision craftsmanship is at the core of Atelier Luxus' approach. 


Each product is crafted from high-quality solid brass, offering a variety of artistic finishes. Its made-to-measure approach surpasses industry standards, and the team creates entirely personalized products for its clients, consistently aiming for the highest standards. The obsession with perfection is reflected in every product. 

Among the various collections, EDGES, the range of sockets and switches, introduces the "luxury and palace" experience into interiors. Combining extraordinary craftsmanship with pure design and rich tones, it is the signature of Atelier Luxus. With exquisite details, the use of solid precious metal and incomparable shapes, quality is expressed both aesthetically and sensitively.
Driven by the concept of minimalism, the DoT designed by Bruno Erpicum, is defined by its unrivalled level of precision and innovation. The solid stainless-steel knobs can be integrated into both paneling and bespoke furniture to blend into the most elegant interiors.


DoT by Erpicum

Light switch inox
Touches machined in Solid Stainless Steel and Brass
Ø 5 mm
Other patinas available on demand
Up to 8 push-buttons 

Can be integrated in wall panel as well as custom made furniture


Year of creation: 2020
Designer: M. Naci AREL
Typology / usage : Switch (electrical apparatus)
Materials: Raw brass
Manufacturing technique: machining
Different sizes available: 84 x 84 mm, 84 x 125 mm, 84 x 155 mm, 84 x 226 mm, 84 x 297 mm …

The EDGES collection is the perfect combination of the LUXONOV fixing device and the minimalistic HERITAGE thickness.