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Ariane van Dievoet is the designer behind AVANDI.


Recently back in Brussels, she’s currently exploring new techniques and materials, in order to revitalize architectural elements in her new collection of objects.

After studying in Cambridge, London, and Providence (USA), she founded her studio in Brooklyn, NY in 2014. Trained as an interior architect, Ariane is interested in the relationship between each object and its surroundings, using simple lines and shapes to create timeless minimal pieces. The result is a selection of home goods & jewelry designed in house and produced locally. First featured at the Salone Satellite in Milan, she received the 3rd prize of the Salone Satellite Award for Steptool, a minimalist kitchen ladder. Exhibited in Brussels, Colognes, London, Miami, New York, Paris and Toronto, her creations have been noticed by Monocle, Elle Decor Italia, Sight Unseen and Domus, among others.

In addition to designing furniture and objects, Ariane works as a freelance designer.



30 x 6 x 100 cm
petit granit (marble), clear mirror, mdf, leather, reclaimed from Obumex’ production workshop

The [Reflected Matter] series were made using raw materials from Obumex, which specializes in high end kitchens. Reclaimed wood, marble, granite, and leather were elevated and juxtaposed. The rawness of these natural materials is highlighted rather than hidden using brass and mirrors, also found in the workshop.
[Reflected Matter] showcases AVANDI’s commitment to reclaiming neglected materials from the architecture industry to create new pieces. Exploring new techniques - both traditional and inspired by new technologies - to create her pieces is part of Ariane’s process. A piece carved by hand might sit next to a bowl shaped using
a cnc router. In this collection, contrasts are created using textures and shapes, underlining the past story of the materials used. Originally marginalised for their size, scars or water damage, their imperfections are celebrated and elevated.

©Eline Willaert