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B brand is an Antwerp based creative studio committed to unconventional design of spaces and objects


B BRAND is an Antwerp-based creative design studio that focuses on exclusive design of spaces and objects with an unconventional twist. Our creations are meant for those who appreciate the value of design, and seek for lasting beauty rather than fleeting trends.

The studio was initially founded in 2019 as a renewed design collective between the ambitious interior designer Ben Depuydt and renowned architect Luc Binst. Based on their complementary vision and experience, they further shaped the collaboration into one strengthened portfolio under the name B BRAND. 

The cross-fertilisation of the two métiers manifests itself in a distinctive design language. A language defined by anti-conformist materials, abstract lines and rebellious accents. Guided by these three design drivers, our aim is to create spaces and objects with the same architectural DNA.

This holistic approach led to a broad range of projects and collaborations with international manufacturers like Lensvelt, Bulo, Obumex and Modular. Conveinced that sharing expertise leads to better results, we’re always open to new cooperations.



B7 Lounge

The B7 lounge is a seating concept in association with BULO. This modular living solution consists of modular elements with seating, table, charging and storage functionalities. In this way, a smart living solution can be created for both residential and public spaces. The sleek design integrates seamlessly into any interior, ranging from a living room over to a hotel lobby.

Cross Tables

CROSS is the symbolic name for an exceptionally sturdy table supported by iconic architectural cross columns and can be used for a wide range of applications. The dimensions and materials are customisable, ranging from a compact and elegant side table, over to an impressive, room enhancing sculpture. With CROSS we are introducing an atypical table object offering first-class tailor-made craftsmanship in collaboration with Casimir Ateliers.


The table with five legs. FIVE is an atypical five-legged table concept in association with Lensvelt, a modular system that manifests itself in various configurations. The odd number of legs results in an odd number of chairs, whether the table is used by dinner guests or as a desk for one. FIVE is like a kit that applies itself in various configurations. The five legs can be mounted in different places under the table top, depending on the floor surface, the function or the number of users.

Next to the standard table height there also is High Five which has a bar-height.
Luc’s initial design is from around 2005 and in 2018 a product version was developed by B brand with Lensvelt. Five was successfully launched by Lensvelt during Milan Design Week 2019. The first application of Five is at HQ Binst Architects. The table top in Stabilo furniture plate with HPL top is standard. Other table tops are on request.