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Barh is a high-end furniture and objects brand


Barh is a high-end furniture and objects brand, known to combine the finest materials, design details and fine craftmanship in unique creations, build for those who want to grant themselves something unique, extraordinary. Core values are subtlety and elegance as pinnacles of beauty. Contemporary, distinguished & timeless. Quality is complemented by thoughtful, discrete but remarkable low-tech details.


Joined Collection

In the past two years barh has developed a series of retail collections. The ellipse collection being one of them. The iconic family of wooden and marble elliptical tables is now being sold throughout Europe and North America in standard collection, bespoke versions and unique collectible versions.
The popular shape inspired the team to create a series of side tables based on the ellipse shape. What started as an extension of the ellipse collection, quickly became a full collection of its own, the joined collection.

The name speaks for itself. The tables within this family have one element in common, they all exist around a crucial part, the joint, keeping all pieces together.
With their joined collection, barh creates a new world of furniture that comes in many shapes, is easily accessible, readable and can be highly personalised, as this is an important part of barh’s DNA.