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BC materials are Ken De Cooman, Nicolas Coeckelberghs, Bregt Hoppenbrouwers, Victoria Caubet,  Julia Renones, Anton Maertens, Jasper Van der Linden, Pepe Soler.


BC materials was founded by Ken De Cooman, Laurens Bekemans, Nicolas Coeckelberghs & Wes Degreef, in October 2018. BC materials produces circular building materials, based on excavated earth, to reduce waste and the negative impact of the building sector in extraction, production, transport and end-of-life.

Not only the materials have a much lower ecological footprint, but they improve the health of inhabitants and users, by better acoustics, humidity regulation and air quality. They can be a 100% reused an infinity time.

The team is versatile and often changes roles: from manufacturers, architects, builders and designers to consultants, researchers and materials experts. Their mission ranges from co-construction of clay walls and bars, development of clay plasters, improvement of building blocks, to coaching architects, contractors and students, with a constant focus on impact and beauty to push the construction sector towards a cleaner path.


Rammed Earth Bar

Material mix & concept: BC materials
Client: Moose in the city
Design: Puur interieurarchitecten
Made by: Het Leemniscaat