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BuzziSpace creates solutions for happy and healthy spaces around the world.


With a mission to improve wellbeing through human-centric design, the Belgian design brand provides original acoustic solutions, lighting and furnishings to meet the needs of the modern workplace—and beyond. Founded in 2007, BuzziSpace has grown into an award-winning acoustics leader. The Antwerp-based company has established an international presence with showrooms in Antwerp, New York, Chicago, London, Cologne and Aachen, and its own manufacturing facilities in Bladel (NL) and High Point (US).




BuzziRing is the smallest room that aids privacy and concentration, an optimal solution for open-office layouts seen ubiquitous today. Reflecting the brand’s roots in innovative human-centric design, we introduce BuzziRing, a wall-mounted temporary workspace that is compact yet artfully functional for today’s office needs.

Offered in a range of color and fabric options, BuzziRing also features a built-in table in Antwerp Oak or white laminate, and a functional light with two USB ports for charging. An optional transparent screen ensures social distancing if you’d like to use it as a meeting room. Designed with diversity and versatility in mind, the ergonomic oval shape of BuzziRing accommodates different heights for everyone, sitting or standing.