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Casimir by Indera

Ringo Jorge-Gomez

For the first time, furniture master CASIMIR has lounched a collection in collaboration with a furniture manufacturer, INDERA. For three decades Casimir has been creating craftsman-made furniture pieces in his own ateliers and in his own name. For the Folded collection, the designer has decided to outsource the realisation of his designs.


For INDERA, Casimir designed seven small pieces of furniture which can all be used around the sofa - Indera's speciality. The collection was given the name Folded, referring to the Japanese art of origami. For each piece, Casimir had a solid oak board folded into a piece of furniture.

For each piece, Casimir had a solid oak board folded into a piece of furniture. These furniture classics can be found in almost every interior - a magazine holder, a side table, a coffee table, a shelf - but take on a new dimension thanks to the folding technique and its particularly fascinating shapes and sophisticated interplay of lines of the natural grain of the wood.

The furniture pieces, which could also be called objects, are very complementary to both the Indera seating collection and the pure Casimir interior line. These robust pieces in solid oak excel in simplicity and quality. Casimir and INDERA, both 100% Belgian producers, share the same philosophy in which local, sustainable, ecological and ethical are the code words, and also found each other in their desire for perfection and love for high-quality materials.



Folded shelf, Magazine and book holder. In left and right version.


L82.5 cm x W36 cm x H36cm


Folded rack, The extended version of bench and rack with four shelves. Available in high and low, left and right versions.


L110 x W32 x H160cm


Folded bench, Combinable with a chair or low table, usable as a bench or shelf. Available in long and short, left and right versions.

L100 x W32 x H40cm

L140 x W32 x H40cm


Folded side, Side tables.


L76.5 x W28 x H40cm