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Céline Vahsen

Céline Vahsen © Eric Gos

A fabric is never empty, it contains story and storytelling. Textile designer Céline Vahsen is interested in the cultural dimension of textiles, by their emotion.


For Céline Vahsen, the textile medium consists of infinite possibilities for expression; thanks to techniques rooted in the history of design, linked to regional communities, combined with know-how enriched by long-term exchange via trade routes and transmitted by using the hand as a tool.

She uses methods of hybrid cultures by integrating them within a personal approach. Her compositions of traditional methods, open up textile craftsmanship towards contemporary art.




Untitled (1 & 2), cotton, linen & wool, 140 cm x 140 cm

Untitled (3 & 4), cotton, linen & wool, 94 cm x 94 cm

Untitled (5), cotton & copper, 360 cm x 120 cm