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Architect and administrator at CLAISSE ARCHITECTURES, OLIVIER VITRY designs furniture and products for CLAISSE DESIGN with the same approach, both in the materials used and in the assemblies.


Olivier Vitry is an architect and administrator at Claisse Architectures. In collaboration with his partners, he passionately develops architectural projects, with particular attention to the details that create or recreate unique spaces. For Claisse Design, he personally designs furniture with the same approach, both in the materials used and in the assemblies. In his research, modularity is important. We live in a world in perpetual motion, a reality that Olivier Vitry always likes to illustrate in his projects. It matters to him that the user can take possession, develop and finalise the object according to his own desires.



Ceramic, dichromate steel, walnut, ash
Ball Ø 15 cm, support Ø 8 cm - 4,8 cm and H 17 cm

Bilboquet lamp is a reinterpretation of the bilboquet toy. The lamp is contained in a ball and, as in the game, it is placed on a base thanks to the hole in the sphere. In contrast to the game, the ball has not only one hole, but eight, allowing the lamp to be oriented in different directions. The ball is made of walnut or ash wood, in order to recall the handcrafted wood used for the bilboquet, or of bichromate steel, in order to reflect the light through this interesting iridescent finish.


Side table and stool
Anodised aluminium, velvet, Belgian bluestone
60 cm x 60 cm x 45 cm

Stool table is a hybrid object between a side table and a stool. This object is composed of a base into which an element is inserted that can be turned over to transform it into a coffee table or a stool. This piece of furniture is also designed in the shape of an hourglass so that several elements can be assembled together. The anodised aluminium finish contrasts with the orange velvet cushions or the Belgian bluestone shelf.

Modular Table 2

2019, coffee table
Grey marble from the Belgian Ardennes, cork
Ø40 or Ø60 x H40 or H48 cm

Modular table is a modular coffee table users can assemble as they please. The system is made up of table tops and legs of different sizes, made of wood or marble, as well as marble, aluminium or cork connectors. The cut-outs in the legs and table tops, as well as the connectors’ shapes allow users to put together their personal table design without the need for glue, screws.


black zinc-plated steel, blue cotton velvet.
seats: L80 x W80 x H38.5 cm
long backrests: L80 x W14 x H40 cm - short: L40 x W14 x H40 cm
long armrests: L80 x W14 x H18 cm - short: L40 x W14 x H18 cm
side tables: Ø20 x H10.3 cm

Adaptable Sofa is a range of footstools, armchairs and sofas that is completely modular. The seat has a cushion inserted in a tubular basket-shaped frame in which you can easily insert or remove seat backs, arm rests and tables, as often as you like. The cushions are finished with comfortable, luxury velvet to contrast with the black galvanised steel finish of the metal frame.

Rainbow Lighting

Lamp, 2020
Sandblasted and coloured
glass or plexiglass,
white lacquered aluminium
Ø65 x H300mm with LED bulb

RAINBOW LIGHTING comes from the designer's fascination with the coloured and ephemeral light of a rainbow. This luminaire makes it possible to create coloured lighting effects from the white light of a bulb by placing one or more textured colour filters.The object is composed of 2 glass tubes with several slots to insert the filters which are like petals around these tubes.