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Marzia Cerio and Marwann Frikach (c) coseincorso

The multi-disciplinary studio aims to reintroduce poetics into the production process and highlight the cultural context in which objects are made.


COSEINCORSO is a multi-disciplinary design studio founded by Marzia Cerio and Marwann Frikach. Their approach aims to reintroduce poetics into the production process and highlights the cultural context in which objects are made. They focus on research and handcrafted production as well as on the valorization and transmission of their know-how. They work in collaboration with artisans and are supplied only with local materials. Each project is inspired by history, archaeology, and geography, translating the essence of a region into physical form.


Les âmes simples

For their first collection, the designers focused on aspects of isolation, simple ways of life and our relationship with nature and spirituality. Through this simplicity and the direct connection to the artisan, the studio tends to design objects with a soul which go over their sole utility.

This project, consisting of a bench, a table, a mirror and a candle holder, is their personal interpretation of a particular type of isolation, whose forms are freely inspired by objects found in béguinages. 

The Bench takes inspiration from wooden benches used in Christian churches, the Mirror is inspired by medieval stoups, the Altar from kneelers and the Candelabra by religious candle holders.

Everything is handmade and produced in collaboration with young craftsmen in Brussels who perfected traditional skills such as ironwork, upholstery and wax casting.


H 49,5 cm x 25 cm x Ø 6 cm, 2 kg
Edition of 30 pieces + 1 prototype + 2 A.P.