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Cruso - Furniture collection

Cruso collection

Cruso is a Belgian furniture manufacturer, offering warm and playful furniture created by internationally renowned designers.



The company has adopted an eco-friendly production process, using local and sustainable raw materials, manufacturing in Europe and employing land transportation as well as compact packaging solutions. Cruso products are simple and welcoming. They have been designed for demanding everyday use and are perfect for cosy homes or professional environments.


Springback collection

The SPRINGBACK products combine aesthetic, comfort, and concern about ecological issues. Designer Keijii Takeuchi used bent rods of flat steel to create simple designs that have the personality of classics. The collection is a good illustration of Takeuchi’s focus on the user and its experience with the object. The general gentleness felt in his work shows again through this project.

Paddle chair

Design Benoît Deneufbourg
Oak or ash, available in 4 colours

The PADDLE collection is focused on a design language around curved shapes and generous volumes. The family of chairs, stools, and tables reflects Benoit Deneufbourg’s approach of design. A simple and understated design that fits a wide variety of interiors. Designed in 2016, the PADDLE chair plays an important role in Cruso’s design language with its soft shapes, and a research of a general innocence and playfulness.