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D4E1 – Design for (Every) One is a micro living lab at University College of West-Flanders (Howest). The lab conducts practical research on how stakeholders in healthcare can become active creators of care solutions through open design.


The MAKERHEALTH project facilitates employee-driven innovations by for healthcare professionals and it focuses on ‘low tech high impact’ projects. The objective is to make meaningful and needed innovation accessible.

By example, the call remote is an omnipresent object in many hospitals and daycare centers. The main problem is its accessibility poorly resolved by placing the remote control in the patient bed. This causes several problems such as unintentional or incorrect use, fractures by falling, damage to the touch screen, etc.

The nurse call remote holder is simple but effective add-on onto the hospital bed. It ensures a secure and adaptive connection to the bed. The design results in quick installation, easy maintenance and good hygiene.


Nurse call remote holder 2021

Co-design team : Kim Jolie, Hospital Maria Middelares, Pilipili Design Studio
Materials : PCPBT & TPU
Dimensions : 4 x 4 cm