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DeCluuz aspires for his fabric to reflect a distinctive, yet global aesthetic that thoughtfully addresses a broad spectrum of contemporary life.


Just as DeCluuz’ portraits challenge our relationship to images and furnish a bridge between time-honored artistic methods and 21st century metal fiber technology, the artist provokes his viewers to compare iconic stories with some that are unfolding today. Though treachery and betrayal are no more pleasant now than they have been for centuries, for those of us feeling isolated, confused and disenfranchised by the barrage of horrific geopolitical news in 2020, this series, as well as DeCluuze’ recent series addressing seven female subjects have the paradoxical effect of making viewers feel that we actually do belong, that we are living through a part of history’s long, consistent timeline.

Driven to express himself with fiber art, DeCluuz first exhibited at the Marne Biras gallery in Paris in 1995.  He has since collaborated with architectural, interior design and fashion design houses to create extraordinary and inimitable environments.  His unique pieces have been acquired by both public and private collections in Europe, the US and Asia. 


Le Temps des Cocus

Each piece depicts an iconic male character that viewers will recognize from history, literature and pop culture. The theme his subjects share in this series is having lived with a certain degree of passion, then suffered a related betrayal.  

While his constantly evolving medium intertwines circuitous fibers and metallic filaments, DeCluuz' striking, large-scale tapestries are much less the product of loom mechanics than of the hand, mind and spirit. 

The portraits each feature a fine-tuned oxidation process tailored to the subject that invites the viewer to retrieve their own memories of these tales, take note of their differences and similarities, as well as ponder their historical contexts, perhaps comparing them to characters in the world as we know it.