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In its 30 years history Delta Light has evolved to become a recognised name worldwide. Some of the close collaborations with architects and designers have led to these exciting new collections.


To continue its 30th anniversary year celebrations, leading architectural lighting design specialists Delta Light are launching a range of new collections and exciting collaborations. Clients can expect an exciting mix of technical architectural lighting, precise illumination tools, expressive shapes and comfort-driven technology, all set to bolster Delta Light’s already robust portfolio

New for 2020, and included within the new collections, are Pion, Inform, Mantello and Frax, all providing a wealth of benefits and suitability across a plethora of projects. Delta Light will also be launching two exciting collaborations; Conform, designed by Dean Skira and Still by Nathalie Dewez.

Managing Director Jan Ameloot enthuses: “In our new collection we are taking it to the next level, crossing borders, raising the bar. We reach out to new materials, challenge existing shapes and focus on the multisensorial aspect of lighting as a tool, and as a system. It’s about light, and much more.”

“For 2020 we have teamed up with four different artists,” continues Jan Ameloot. “The first two launched now are the awarded lighting designer Dean Skira, and former Belgian Designer of the Year Nathalie Dewez. The third and fourth collaboration will be launched in the next few months.

“These collabs open up new adventures in lighting. It’s extremely inspiring to share concepts and ideas. Building on our extensive R&D team, our fast prototyping skills and production expertise we are able to turn these new concepts into a real added value for projects worldwide.”



Add some body to the room with Bowie, it impresses through its spherical shape. Twist and turn, tilt and aim, Bowie will always look the same, whatever its direction and no matter the angle you look at it. Bowie in pure white or black easily fits in any interior and adds a touch of richness to the room. Within its range, Bowie comes as a semi-recessed Clip version, as a single or double spotlight to be surface mounted or as module to fit into our magnetic profile offer.