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Esther De Vos (1992) graduated as interior designer at LUCA School of Arts in Brussels.


During the course of these studies, Esther developed a special affinity with the creation and development of handmade furniture. Simultaneously, Esther obtained her welding degree. It’s there she discovered her love for steel and its endless possibilities. As a multi-talented designer, Esther creates, welds and develops her own designs into one of a kind pieces. A must-see collection, effortlessly combining raw materials with architectural lines.


Magazine rack

The connection between steel and glass, two contrasting materials, was the starting point for this design. Esther interprets the MAGAZINE RACK as a multifunctional piece of furniture that easily finds a place in any interior. The design of the MAGAZINE RACK is pure and simple, with its own playful features. The two diagonal legs, for example, give the elegant structure a dynamic touch.

Esther opted for a transparent varnish coating in order to do justice to the character of the steel. The transparent varnish also ensures that the ‘purity’ of the traditional welding remains visible.


Magazine rack, 2018
Raw steel and glass
L 29 cm x W 21,5 cm x H 55,5cm, 3,5kg


Handmade furniture design by Esther De Vos, a sustainable process from sketch to finish. In every piece of furniture, you can feel Esther De Vos’ heart and soul. Combining steel, leather and monumental glass, her designs breath pureness, simplicity and are easily accessible due to their timeless design. As a multi-talented designer, Esther creates, welds and develops her owndesigns into one of a kind pieces. Besides a limited collection of in-house furniture, Esther De Vos mainly creates custom made furniture solutions.

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