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“Designing is like painting an abstract geometric artwork but in 3D. Lines become dimensions and volumes. I’m testing all possibilities with modular volumes: using a volume inside another volume, asymmetry, working in different layers or depths, open and closed volumes, working only with the outline of the volume, etc..”.


As a self taught designer, Filip Janssens first started designing ‘made to measure’- furniture for his own home. In 2008 he opened his own design studio in order to develop his personal approach to product and furniture design and art projects. Designing ‘made to measure’- projects is his core business. Next to that he started to collaborate with design editors like Serax, Per Use, and recently Recor Home.



Travertino Rosso, reclaimed wood, LED strip

Belgian furniture and product designer Filip Janssens makes a luxury object out of scrap wood normally
destined for burning, as well as reclaimed travertine in collaboration with natural stone company Van den
Weghe. Mesmerised by the patterns and the imperfections of found wood planks and reclaimed travertine, Janssens has created a lighting collection which explores the potential of materials combinations and exciting
architectural compositions.

Lunair by Filip Janssens was a Henry Van De Velde Award winner in 2020

© Heidi Camilla De Windt