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Geneviève Levivier @ Serge Anton

Geneviève Levivier imagines translucent tapestries and luminescent panels echoing the aesthetics of nature in its wild and poetic aspect


Geneviève Levivier’s approach combines the sensibilities of a contemporary visual artist with personal innovative technologies, evidenced by her laboratory-like studio A+ZDesign® after having created for 10 years the most refined and surprising textiles for the most prestigious fashion houses - Dior, Alaïa, Gaultier, Balenciaga. By mixing the artistic gesture, organic materials and bio-sourced fibres, Levivier defends a creation freely inspired by a mix of textile know-how and pictorial techniques.Through a meandering alchemy of sustainable materials and slow processes of creation, she creates openworks textile and projected shadows which together evoke a play of light and natural elements, offering a unending contemplative vision, refering to the intrinsic link between Man and Nature.



Cherry Blossom

Magic Lace collection
Handmade textile and digital intervention.
European jute, Texel wool, PLA fibers and 22k gold leaves.
Steel strapping and steel foot.


Magic Lace, is an acoustic lace & digital creation. It is the result of several years of development in Digital Craft within a slow inhouse design process where the laser is used by the artist as a creating tool, like a paintbrush. Moreover, this refined development, adorned with sustainable and resistant textiles - European jute, Texel wool and PLA - has insulating qualities. No waste, glue, or colorant are used in the production: the laser process plays the role of agglomerating the textile composite as well as the aesthetic final aspect.


PLA, eggshells (collected from a local bakery), flowers, fibres from recycled jeans, tulle and eco-friendly polymers
65cm ø, steel support 10 cm


Wood lace, solid wood structure
LEDs, acoustic moss.
180x115x15cm + 90x58x7,5cm

Indoor gingerbread detailing

Wood turned into lace: a surface preserving the soft and natural touch of the material but made translucent thanks to a laser micro-perforation technique. A textile artist and designer passionate about natural methods, Geneviève Levivier has taken the necessary research and development time to materialise this innovative vision. “The idea was to transform the wood in a noble way, to enhance it without touching its own qualities”, she explains. She then teamed up with designer Alain Berteau to give shape to this new technique. This has produced this duo of objects: a lamp and an acoustic wall panel. A useful object on the one hand and an abstract and geometric work on the other. Two objects whose appearance changes and evolves depending on the observer’s perspective and that bring out the best in one another.

Secret Garden, Wellness Teepee 2021

Jute, PLA, Natural flowers, Pigments, Eco-friendly polymer, wood.
Dimensions: H160cm, diameter 130cm

Secret Garden proposes an experience of reconnection to ourselves and to nature, a privileged moment of dream and calm. Secret Garden evolves during 24 hours according to the changes of light and confuses the tracks of the perception with a personalized interpretation of the luminescence.