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Innovative Company Hygge Flames has reimagined the fireplace.


Based in Belgium, Hygge Flames has succeeded in combining the latest technology with care for the environment, safety and aesthetics in one great, innovative, holographic 3-D fireplace.

The mirror helps to create the Holo Flames and is fully retractable. This is unique and leaves only the logset visible when Hygge Flames is turned-off. No disturbing reflection of interior elements and glass. The fireplace in its purest form!

Simple and compact, electricity is all you need to create your own atmosphere with peace of mind that you are also being kind to the planet. No wood, no gas, zero emissions. There is no need for a chimney, air inlet, gas or water line, fireproof materials. It is easy to install – and does not require specialist installation.



The design of Hygge Flames' 3D Holographic Flame Box originated from a quest for beauty in simplicity. Sober & compact, frameless installation, custom finish, only electricity, no heat. As a built-in ambiance fireplace or free-standing designer furniture, this high-tech fire can easily be integrated in complete harmony with the interior design - no technical restrictions and complete freedom of choice of materials. Sustainable and timeless, Hygge Flames offers the ultimate interior experience fostering cosiness and moments of joy all in complete harmony with the environment.