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All James Van Vossel 's works are made by transferring his sketchbook directly into his workplace, through material intervention towards solutions. «Back and forth»» to test on real prototypes & explain live to achieve satisfaction on every side.


After graduating Interior Architecture and Architecture Assistant, James graduated with distinction as furniture designer at Thomas More University (BE). In 2006 he start up his own label JAMES. In 2009 he met Tom De Vrieze and together the started the creative cooperation Fox & Freeze,, as an exercise on how is it to work as two independent designers.

The tandem worked and FF1, a chair from one sheet of synthetic felt with no waste, was born to be sold, made, packed and shipped all by themselves. To this day the chair is made and transported worldwide.
JAMES is a growing company with focus on materials research, design studies and prototyping as freelance designer for his clients: 37graden(BE), Baloq(NL), Cow By NSR(AU), Dark(BE),Drisag(BE), Jongform(BE), Kidslab(BE), Kwantum(NL), Modular Lighting Instruments(BE), Montis(NL), Pintoys(TH) Theo eyewear(BE) and Thonet(DE) of all people first and only Belgian.



Moon, plate
Ø 18/24/30cm, H 2,2cm
Porcelain handmade by mould and elephant grass

At first sight, it seems to be a normal round plate, with an equally high outer border.
On the inside, however, two curves define direction: at the front a border appears, while at the back food is placed freely presented under slight angle towards the consumer. An interaction with the chef occurs.

Double Face

Poetic table mirror which reflects in certain parts while giving transparency in others.
Winner competition SPIEgELTIJD organised by highschool ID&A in collaboration with Deknudt Mirrors (BE)