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Joe Sterck

Sam Gilbert


Joe Sterck is a Belgian designer who operates on the intersection between furniture and sculpture. With his experimental approach, he questions the globally accepted rules and tendencies regarding contemporary design and explores the boundaries of the functional. Alongside this, he constantly strives to reinvent himself by investigating existing materials and developing new techniques.



The Speculum table was created in response to a recent development in the furniture landscape. In the eyes of Joe Sterck, its designer, an increasing number of contemporary designs are strictly form-focussed and conceptual, often rendering them non-functional with the result that, they can no longer be categorized as furniture either, but rather as art or an object. He therefore decided to create a design that very clearly lives in both worlds without compromise.

Speculum is an aluminum table with a mirrored top. With a simple action, the table can be lifted from its pedestal and put in its horizontal position, after which it takes on a new function as a sculpture that reflects light and its surroundings.


Speculum, 2022
120 x 120 x 76 cm