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Judicaël Cornu started working as an industrial designer by joining the design team of Tupperware Brands in 2008.


After four years of collaboration within the industry he set up his own office in Brussels to increase the diversity of projects through working with different brands such as Michelin, Sunrise, E2 drive, Mobitec, Muselaabs... He now creates more collaborations with other designers and engineers to enable cross fertilization in projects and believes in a collective approach to bring relevant answers in today's product-development field.
Based on user experience approach, he develops and define forms and images which are relevant for reality and needs.



Solid wood – canvas – glas
4m(L) x 3.15m(l) x 2.80m(H)
Produced by Hewy 

A light and sculptural habitat

Based in the heart of the Ardennes, the companies Scidus and Mobic have developed a range of integrated activities: forest management, sawmills, timber frame houses, roasted wood… One of their latest innovations, Robotmob 2, brings a sculptural approach to woodwork. This is the technique that Louise Charlier and Judicaël Cornu have explored with a cabin in organic shapes. Designed to offer a solid and sustainable housing solution for summer festivals and other such events, the object is built around two monohulls cut out at once. “We have sought to develop a new typology experimenting with a technique on the scale of habitat that brings a completely new formal freedom to woodwork”, Judicaël Cornu explains. Inspired by the sculptures of Richard Serra, among others, the cabin has been designed to cause a minimal impact on the terrain where it is placed.