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Krum_Step © M. Kruijne

KRUM is a design studio which prioritises efficiency, sustainability, and playfulness in both architectural and furniture design. 


Architect and product developer Michaël Kruijne designs both architecture and furniture with his design studio KRUM. Grounded in the principles of "Form Follows Function, Frugality, Forsight, Fun," KRUM's central focus is maximizing efficiency from idea inception to the end of an object's lifespan. KRUM aims to create functional and playful objects that are not only easy and efficient to produce but are also sustainably materialized for easy repair, reuse, and recycling. 



The Hothothot cup is an exploration of ceramic formal boundaries that enhances functionality by incorporating fins to reduce heat contact during the holding of hot beverages.

Hothothot, 2023
Cups - Ceramic