Designers & Companies


Seré/Dondossola is a Belgian/Italian design office. They design and developing products for brands such as: Dada, Roca, Chateau d’Ax, Flou, DeSede, Maletti, Effegibi, Fantini, Roda, DeRucci.


La Filanda 3D is their digital design manufacturing company born out of curiosity in the fascinating world of 3D printing. They create and develop beautifully designed products, home accessories and furniture elements for contemporary environments.

“We started experimenting with our 3D printer in 2014 and realised quickly that we bought a little factory that fitted on our desk. Besides making prototypes of components that would be made using other technologies later on, we started to design products combining this technology with other components to make our first desk lamp and a concept for a modular library.Seeing the evolution of printers available the possibility to print larger objects using pellets and people printing with material such as algae, we forced ourselves to design the perfect products to be made with this technology that’s how the single flower vase was born.”




A vase, impressive in its shape, fragile and thin as paper but anyway rigid cause of its double layered surface, functional and decorative when it transforms an ordinary piece of container into something to keep on the table and put a flower in. By using some iconic products of the country that probably everyone everybody has in their house, La Filanda 3D becomes a brand that enters people lives in this very subtle way and introduces consumer consciousness about the environment and circle economy without giving a lecture or explaining the wonderful technology used 

For Italy for example, we created a collection of vases that matches together with a typical small Crodino bottle or that fits perfectly around the can of Muttii tomato sauce and even an empty bottle of San Peligrino. All products most Italian have in house already. For Belgium we started for the from the famous beer Duvel and created the collection of vases that fits perfectly around this bottle.