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Laend is the label founded by Chevalier Masson & Diane Steverlynck


Radical and innovative, Anne Masson and Eric Chevalier have collaborated since 2006. Their work explores an array of ways to design textiles, from the raw material to the finished product via the transformation of what is considered waste. This direction takes on many forms: be it the yarn, pattern, function, structure or texture of a specific shape. They create self-edited products, and also work on projects associated with architects, choreographers, designers, as it is the case with Tapa daybed conceived in collaboration with designer Erwin de Muer.

In 2014 they founded the label Laend together with the designer Diane Steverlynck, exploring how a rhythm or a chromatic sequence in the thread produces repercussions in the designs and motifs of the fabric that they compose.

Diane Steverlynck follows a personal approach centred on objects and textiles. Her work focus is research on textiles, materials and structures and their influence on the use and identity of everyday objects.


Tapa Daybed

Design Chevalier Masson & Erwin de Muer
Mixed fibers, steel
201 X 65 x 39 cm
Valerie Traan Gallery, Antwerpen

Tapa daybed is part of the Centre National d’Arts Plastiques collection in Paris