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Laure Kasiers portrait

(c) Serge Brison

Laure Kasiers is a textile designer. Thanks to her technique, both traditional and unconventional, forms and motifs are often organic, as if they came from nature, from a microscope or from an aerial view, opening up our imagination. 


Textile designer, Laure Kasiers creates and manufactures rugs and other textile objects in her workshop in Brussels. Thanks to her technique both artisanal and unconventional, forms and organic motifs, such as from nature, taken from a microscope or an aerial view, open our imagination. She offers a collection that is constantly enriched with models, always unique and available to measure for privates buyers or professionals. Eco-responsible and local, the production is made in Belgium from yarn spun in France.



The simple linear structure of SHADES is enlivened by the vibration of the shading that subtly interferes with it. The mix of different linen yarns creates textures that play with the light, producing a piece that is both soft and sophisticated.

Linen is a natural and ecological material. It is locally produced, requires little water to grow, and undergoes very light chemical treatments. Linen also has practical advantages: it is a good acoustic insulator, dustproof and regulates the temperature and humidity of its environment.

Shades, 2022
Size: 120x180 cm
Material: 90% linen, 10% other fibers


Wool, other fibers
Made-to-measure dimensions

The Slow rug, whose pattern evokes a gentle movement, like a wave is available in several colourful atmospheres and is custom-made in a round or square/rectangular shape. It adapts to all desires.


Wool, other fibers
Ø 38 cm

Solstice are small cushions that can be spread everywhere. Designed with care in Brussels, they are mainly made of wool spun in France. They are always unique because of the random wave pattern. Graphic and colourful, they are easy to match with each other and can be put on the floor, a chair, a bench...


Wall rugs 
Wool, cotton, other fibers 
From Ø 38 cm to Ø 57 cm