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A Belgian by birth, Luc Druez first studied music at the Brussels Conservatoire. Following an unfortunate lapse of memory during a concert, he decided to look for another means of artistic expression. His grandfather, who was a tailor, unwittingly showed him the way ….


Producing textile creations would now be his new means of expression. Where his work stops (at the limits of the two-dimensional plane!), the work of others begins. These are the “stage managers” who bring the textile to life in transparent settings in space, or in movement around the body.

Luc Druez’s work can be found on the catwalks of haute couture fashion shows (including Christian Dior, Chanel, Christian Lacroix, Yves Saint Laurent and Louis Vuitton), in the theatre and opera, and on the worksites of the greatest decorators such as Peter Marino, Andrée Putman, Elliot Barnes …



The LcD textile collection is a limited edition of fabrics hand made from "hijacked" technical fibres. The fabrics are produced in small-scale workshops in Belgium. 
The use of copper filament in LcD fabrics has been a constant in all the collections. Beyond its infinite aesthetic possibilities, this semi-precious metal has conductive, as well as shielding, properties that make it ideal for the many electronic devices in our daily lives. Its presence in special edition textiles contributes to balance – and- protection- in our private and professional spaces.

The collection is dedicated to light. All the textiles are translucent and can be used either in space, around windows and in transparent settings (as blinds, screens, dividers), on walls or for seating ... or else for spectacular items around the body in haute couture and the theatre, or fashion accessories such as hats and bags. Woven in high-tech specialist workshops, the LcD collection is just as suitable for private home decoration as for the demands of larger-scale special productions in the hotel industry, window dressing, boutiques, theatres, restaurants, etc, which require a specification, technical standards and customised visuals (motifs, colours, etc).