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©Émile Barret

Levisarha is a design studio based in Brussels 



Ancient oak from old wagon 100%
diameter mirror 60 cm – 75 x 60 x 6 cm
Produced by Atmosphère & Bois 

Contrasts between mirror and salvaged wood

Wood can have many lives. Atmosphère & Bois prove it with their furniture made from wood sourced from old wagon floors or barns. Wanting to go beyond salvage, the company has asked the duo LeviSarha to design accessories to give unused scrap a new life, giving way to this mirror: “the smooth and almost cold edge of the mirror comes into contrast with the veins and the patina of the wood that has a history and brings the object to life”, they explain. “Working with remnants, being non-standard elements requires rather a lot of labour. Hence the interest in designing a relatively large and precious object, emphasizing the value of this particular material.” Alongside the aesthetic effect, the designers have added a functional touch with shelves. Providing us, on the whole, with a simple, useful and sincere object.