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Renaat Nijs

Linde Hermans works in a variety of disciplines and fields, such as product design, scenography or installations within public spaces. She designs products for companies, but also creates one-off pieces and small editions on her own. Her work operates on the boundaries between art and design, moving between the triviality of everyday objects and the poetry of abstract themes, such as time and transience. Playfully revealing the duality of all things, she constantly seeks a tension between simplicity and depth. Her strength lies in combining a remarkable affinity for craft with an unexpected industrial attitude.


In 2007, she received the Henry Van De Velde Award for Young Talent, and has been nominated several times for this award with her projects. The Chaise Longue, a 2000 design, has been part of the Thierry Barbier-Mueller collection in Geneva since 2010 and in the Ghent Design Museum since 2021.




No trees, no leaves, no life


Beech tree branch, half plastic giraffe, gold leaf 

Odds and Ends


Assembly of old parts workwear and  clear glass 


Object, mirror, polished inox, oak , 2017

The black bar or censorship bar takes identity away. Anonymity is guaranteed by hiding the eyes. The opposite is the same: when only the eyes are visible, you’re unrecognizable and it often feels uncomfortable. Hiding yourself has a connotation with darkness, ugliness, evil, but also with mystery and temptation. The mirror as a symbol for identity.

© Kristof Vrancken