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Mahaut Van Peel

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Belgian designer Mahaut Van Peel obtained her master’s degree in Textile Design at ENSAV - La Cambre in 2019. Following her graduation, she earned her stripes working in a leather weaving factory for the luxury market. In 2021 she opened her own studio in the Brussels. Based on the realization of the full process, like a recipe, the production of Mahaut rises from the blend of noble resources in 3 dimensions. Partnering with Van Den Weghe, a Belgian marble manufacturer, she uses the offcuts of their projects to make her limited collections. The types of stone available always vary so Mahaut adapts her color palette making every piece unique. She considers her work as an experimental laboratory in the quest for new elements, sources of colors, textures and techniques. As a designer she is drawn to industrial know-how and likes to get inspired by it in order to put her own spin on it. In her atelier, she designs and produces all of her work by hand, mixing craft consciously.



Mahaut Van Peel uses offcuts from Van Den Weghe, a marble manufacturer in Belgium, to make her collection. Chunks of marble are bonded with a composite material to create a range of unique doorknobs. Other materials like wood, metal and glass are added to create unique terrazzo finishes. To make the process even more circular, she adds the dust from the grinding stage to some of the production. Each piece of marble is different and so are the objects.

All the pieces are designed and produced by hand in her atelier in Brussels.


Doorknobs, 2022
Marble and composite binder
5 cm × 5 cm × 2.5 cm, 0.12 kg