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Manuel Leromain

Sam Gilbert


Delimited by its borders and fringes of colour, the tapestry draws an intimate perimeter that comforts, reassures us and reveals a home. It is also a window, a garden that allows us to project ourselves into a symbolic and imaginary world, outside of our daily lives. 

A graduate of the École nationale supérieure des arts visuels de La Cambre (ENSAV) in Brussels, French textile designer Manuel Leromain cuts, glues and joyfully assembles shapes and colours to transpose a singular and inspiring universe; that of the mill where he grew up. A series of multicoloured tapestries in jacquard weaving, designed in Belgium, form wall hangings, rugs and paintings that integrate the space like a springboard to dream and travel.


Childhood Tapisseries

The Childhood series evokes various childhood memories in the form of a jacquard weave tapestry.