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Misses Brown

Sam Gilbert


Misses brown is the brainchild of twin sisters Ke-Ola and Kimoura. Each from different backgrounds but inspired by each other, they decided to join forces. A process that took its time. Indeed, as twins, they wanted to walk their own paths as much as possible. Eventually, they realized that bringing their knowledge together was like a strength. That which makes them unique today results in designs of diverse nature. This is how architecture, design and the humane instinctively come together.



Henri took shape inspired by the technique of leather tanning and tightening riding saddles. The seat of the chair is stretched over the frame and held by leather straps; ensuring no blind fastenings of the leather seat and giving the chair a pure and honest character. Meanwhile, a dynamic of lines that meet and then diverge plays out, making the steel frame carry the seat in an elegant but self-confident manner. 


Henri, 2015
Steel (powder coated) and leather
74 cm x H 85cm