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Nathalie Van der Massen is an Antwerp based designer working in the fields of textile, graphic design, architecture and interior design. After finishing her Master degree in Graphic Design at Sint Lucas Antwerp, Nathalie Van der Massen went to LUCA Gent to specialize in Textile Design. Duringthis period she’s selected for a residency in the Textile Museum in Tilburg and does an internship at GdA, a renowned textile company in Como (It) and later at Christian Wijnants.


In 2016 Van der Massen is commissioned by the Flemish Architecture Institute to research the archive of Belgian interior architects Bataille-ibens and develop materials to showcase during ‘Ensembles’, an exhibition on architecture and craftsmanship. This assignment is a huge inspiration and influence on Van der Massen’s work.

Textiles have a huge potential as autonomous, spatial and acoustic elements within an architectural or living environment. Because of her love for archi- tecture and spatial design Van der Massen is focused primarily on interior textiles and autonomous pieces.

In 2018, she opened her own studio/showroom in Antwerp with a bread range of activities. Next to her own work, collabs and interior projects NVDM also works as a freelance art director for companies.She believes strongly in ‘connectivity’ as way to create. By connecting the right dots and people she develops concepts, collections, shoots for various clients.

Van der Massen’s work is characterized by a fascination and sensitivity for (natural) materials, surface and technicality. She explores the possibilities of weaving and tries to find a balance between industrial techniques and production on the one hand and craftsmanship.


Fine Fleur

ism Dennis T’jampens

Textile installation, 2022

linen, wool

Demi Coeur

Textile art piece, 2023

paper, bio cotton, brass

Ren collection

Her project Ren is a limited edition collection of three room dividers, showcasing a sensory exploration of rhythm, transparency, and tactile richness through meticulously crafted designs using natural materials.

Ren collection, 2024
Room dividers
Dan - Paper, solid oak, brass
Sai - Linen, silk, wool, paper, solid oak, brass


100% linen
H280xW160 cm
Retail price: €250/m

Sverige Midnight Blue

Sverige a woven room divider/wallhanging which plays with transparency and layers. The design is based on a landscape painting. By manually cutting away threads in the graphic image — certain areas of this fabric become transparent. At eyeheight the transparent parts change into the more densely woven areas creating a more private atmosphere.

Midnight Blue
100% linen
Limited edition 
ca. H280cm x W200cm
Made in Belgium