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Not a desk

Sam Gilbert


"I've come to understand from experience that working with a view helps you refocus." Andreas de Smedt worked for 3 years as an engineer in large open spaces before starting his own project, Not a Desk, motivated by the desire to design the office of his dreams.

The ideal office is the starting point for a dream job. Aware of people's individual needs, Andreas designed a flexible and mobile furniture that can be used throughout the day in any space.


Lounge chair

As an answer to new working habits, Not A Desk launches, after the success of its standing desk, a lounge chair which offers the possibility to work lying down in a position that reduces stress on the body. With a specially designed cushion, existing customers can convert their standing desk into a lap desk and the lounge chair can be used not only for power napping but also as a workstation.


Lounge chair, 2022
Ash-wood and recycled cotton
Lap desk, 2020
Bamboo and recycled cotton