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OS_Studio is a Brussels based design studio with a clear political agenda run by Thomas Lommée & Christiane Högner.


OS_Studio is a Brussels based design studio with a clear political agenda. Run by Thomas Lommée & Christiane Högner it is the major driving force behind OpenStructures, the open modular design system. Next to their activities as designers & researchers, Högner is teaching at Kask, School of Arts in Gent, while Lommée is leading a Bachelor Studio at Design Academy Eindhoven.

OpenStructures is a methodology for modular & collaborative design. Its design principles form the basis for an almost complete circular economy. By encrypting future changes directly into the DNA of new developments, OS facilitates re-use and avoids waste of resources. It generates parts that are widely interchangeable, objects that can infinitely be adapted and repaired and a flexible environment that responds dynamically to changing needs.

OpenStructures combines the advantages of modularity with the benefits of diversity. Many different authors, designers and producers, can make use of its online database, hereby enriching it with their own contributions and adding variety. Next to products and furniture, OpenStructures lends itsself for all creations that integrate time and welcome play.