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Romy Design Studio specialises in industrial design, product development and space design.


The studio creates modular and efficient systems that boost the linearity of the designs.
For the past year, Romy Di Donato has immersed herself in the analysis of hemp.
The result is Hempanel, the first collection of acoustic panels made of natural hemp. They perfectly integrate into their surroundings and encourage a focus on nature.




Acoustic panel
Hemp and wood
Wall panel Ø70cm and 120cm, suspension Ø120cm

Hemp fibres are very easy to grow - hemp grows quickly with little water and feeds the soil. Moreover, hemp has natural antibacterial properties, is anti-allergenic and repels 90% of UV rays. Hemp brings a wealth of economic and environmental opportunities, and has a promising future in a wide range of sectors and industries, from foods to textiles, plastics, stationery and even construction.