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Sébastien Caporusso

© Sebastien Caporusso

Sébastien Caporusso is an interior architect and designer known for his dreamlike interpretation of materials, creating eclectic and unique objects from stones, Murano glass, wood, marbles, brass, and minerals. 


Sleek design and noble materials are characteristic to Sebastien Caporusso’s work. With his lamps, chairs, and tables the designer aims to create simple yet poetic atmospheres.His work is all about marrying the opposition. Organic forms and unusual cuts, unique objects and their effortlessness, all flow together in his creations.Caporusso thinks locally too. The stones, brass, marbles, and other collected minerals that he uses all come from the finest Belgian craftsmen.



For his collection of tables, lamps, and other curiosities Caporusso uses stones, Murano glass, wood, marbles, brass and other collected minerals, all coming from the finest Belgian craftsmen. His talent is a mixture of simple and noble materials, which enables this unexpected scenography, and an eclectic mixture of objects and colors in his own universe.