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We (Lin Bertels & Peter Mortelmans) are two young enthusiastic entrepreneurs who always like to improve products.


We are critical towards our work and like to be challenged. Over the past five years we’ve put a lot of effort and passion in building working prototypes, evolving into series production and commercializing our first product.

Our mission is to reinvent and improve existing objects. We want to make timeless and stylish outdoor products that are creating coziness and can be used day and night. Their multifunctional use offers a solution for optimal use on smaller living spaces.

Solspiration is also the exclusive dealer of the Nomad Concept sails and canopies. We both aim to create delightful solutions for cozy outdoor moments.




An outdoor lamp by night, transforming into a parasol by day…. The Hulasol is a brand new outdoor product, designed and developed by the Belgian company Solspiration, it will be launched in 2020-2021 on the world market.

We dedicated five years of our lives to make a totally new 2-in-1 product that can be used day and night and to transform a common product like a parasol. The result is a round and minimalistic design, an innovative and patented opening mechanism, new integrated functionalities like WIFI controlled led light. The Hulasol brings joy, gathers people together and gives outdoor dining and drinking a totally new dimension. We want to revolve the outdoor market with one object, combining beauty and functionality. 

The Hulasol is made of top quality outdoor materials. We use premium acrylic fabrics, the central pole is made of stainless steel and the ring is made of lightweight anodized aluminum. The shape of the Hulasol is excellent to withstand various weather conditions.