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In search of developing his identity, Stefan Schöning has worked in a lot of different fields with a variety of products and materials. Toys, lighting, furniture, consumer products, public design, all of these industries require a different approach and gather a knowledge which is exchangeable.


This approach has led to creating designs which go further than standard production. Every design case
can lead to applying new technologies and materials in order to sharpen the appearance of the design’sidentity. Elimination is an important guide during this design process.

stefan.schö excels in a multidisciplinary approach and consequently accomplishes a broadrange of assignments. By exchanging knowledge between different fields and projects, a rich cross-fertilisation comes into existence.

Typical for every assignment is the global approach, with a made to measure plan which offers every step of the product development process. This can range from the initial concept phase to the complete production if requested. Moreover, three principal credo’s are being achieved for eachproject: subtlety, perfection and attention to detail.

Up until now the studio has been active in furniture and product design, public & urban design, corporate identity, scenography and one-offs. More recently, the cooperation with other offices allowsfor a complete approach of projects, including architecture, urban planning and interior design.


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