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By building new habits. Stolp® acts as a daily ritual to unplug. Put your phone inside and all signals are blocked. That way, we help emancipate you from user to human.


STOLP is a digital wellbeing brand from Antwerp (BE) launched end of 2020 - a defining year for our relationship to mobile tech. The brand helps people discover daily moments of disconnecting in a world that is 'always on' to find more clarity and peace of mind everyday. Stolp builds real-world products and experiences that encourage new ways to disconnect from your phone.



STOLP is a Faraday cage, a technology ensuring that once the phones are placed an inside, no signal can enter. No phone signal, WiFi, 3-5G,... connection whatsoever on your phone will come in, nor out. The goal? Pure peace of mind and uninterrupted focus & conversations. Stolp Recharge includes our wireless power bank, made to fit Stolp seamlessly, to recharge the phone while you power up on life beyond the screen.